30 Deals for 30 Years!

Howard Medical Supply Store in Chicago - 30 Deals

2008 marks Howard Medical Supply Store in Chicago’s 30th year providing quality medical supplies with excellent customer service. To celebrate, we decided to reward those who have kept us in business for so long, our customers, by offering 30 great deals!

Over the following months we will be highlighting different products with tremendous offers.  Here is a list of the products with great deals that are available right now:

Electrocardiographs - $2,595

Drape Sheets Surgical Masks
Red Waste Receptacle Exam Tables Shoe Covers
Propofol Nitrile Gloves - FREE SAMPLES Finger Pulse Oximeter
Dosimeters Underpads Disposable Vaginal Speculas
O.R. Towels Briefs/Diapers Stethoscopes
I.V. Solutions Automatic Blood Pressure Units Defibrillators
Wheelchair Rentals - $15 a day Depo Medrol Kenalog
Urine Strips - FREE MACHINE Exam Gowns Gauze Sponges
Unit Dose Medication Cart Compression Stockings Pregnancy Test Kits
Exam Table Paper Anesthesia Tray Microcide